Playgrounds in Athens: Flisvos in Palaio Faliro.

Playgrounds in Athens: Flisvos in Palaio Faliro.

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In a country where the weather is almost always perfect, I love taking my kids to the playground. There are many options in Athens. I am planning to describe my faovorite playgrounds in the next few weeks. If there is one place in Athens to offers a variety of games and play for different ages and a whole day out for the family, that would be Flisvos in Palaio Faliro. For me, Flisvos hosts one of the best playgrounds in Attica.


Flisvos is located in Palaio Faliro in the South of Athens in between the beach and the important coastal road called Poseidonos Avenue, 6 km away from the city center. ‘Flisvos’ translated means the sound of the water rippling on the shore! You can reach Flisvos by car via the city center or via the highway. There is a large private paid parking at Flisvos Marina but on weekdays, you will be able to park at the public spaces outside the marina too. You can also take the tram or bus to Flisvos Park. They stop just outside the marina and they are connected with the main train and metro lines in Athens (find more information on the website of the Flisvos Marina)

You have a choice of 2 different kinds of play in Flisvos. First, there is the enormous public (free of charge) playground organized by the Palaio Faliro municipality. This one is called Flisvos Park. It extends for 300 meters along the coast and has large grass areas with plenty of picnic facilities, pathways for walking and bike riding and 3 different zones depending on the child’s age. Toddler are separated from the older children.  There is a lot of climbing and innovative constructions, large towers, ships and castles, all very challenging. My kids especially love the 12 meter high large rope tower and the sand pit underneath. I find it a safe playground; the grounds are covered with sand and rubber tiles. But it can get very crowded, it can host over 1400 kids. So be careful! When my kids are running around I find it difficult to keep track of them and this is an open park accessible to everyone. 

Next to the playgrounds is an outdoor fitness area and a sports field. There is shade under the pine trees and at the picnic areas. The sea breeze makes this playground very pleasant on a hot summer afternoon. There are several cafes around the playground of which one has it’s  own private play area. On the boulevard next to the playground there are vendors selling snacks and balloons. You can also rent there little electric kids scooters and there are family bikes available for a ride along the coast.  There is also an open air summer cinema, a open wooden theatre and a special area for dogs to play. Here are also fountains for your pet to drink water.

I believe that Flisvos park is one of the best playgrounds in Athens and we frequently visit, in summer and winter.

The second play option in Flisvos is located inside the Flisvos Marina and is called Volta Fun Town. This is a commercial playground and prices start from 2 Euro,  depending of the games you choose. There is a soft indoor play area where even very young children (under supervision!) can play. Outside there is a climbing castle, a train, a carousel, boats, karts and electronic games. What I like here is that parents can sit right next to the play area and watch the children. It is clean and well organized and there is a bar with ice cream, drinks and snacks (no healthy options).

I like to combine the Flisvos municipality park with the Flisvos Marina funpark. I have been taking the children since they were babies. I love the walk from the one park to the other along the sea, it takes about 15 minutes. In the modern Flisvos Marina we enjoy the view of the beautiful yachts and see boats come and go. I like to have lunch or coffee in Flisvos Marina. It is clean and has a luxurious feel and very peaceful in the mornings.  In the evenings I love to watch people passing by and listening to the music from the many bars. There are high end restaurants and shops but also family friendly ones such as T.G. I. Friday’s. I believe that Flisvos offers enjoyment for all members of my family. Mind you there is water everywhere so if your child is very young you may want to skip walking around the port unless with a stroller or carrier. The marina is very stroller friendly and has good baby changing facilities.

What is your favorite playground in Athens?


**As always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own**

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