A Family Day Out at the Hilton Athens Hotel

A Family Day Out at the Hilton Athens Hotel

On a very hot Sunday in June 2016 – in fact, I believe that there was an ‘official’ heat wave – we decided to visit Hilton Athens and to enjoy the Sunday Family Lunch.

I must admit, I am a fan of the hotel chain and especially the Hilton Athens. Not only do I know the hotel from my corporate job. Over the past years, I have been staying in several Hilton hotels around the world. Their high standards and quality have never disappointed me.

I have never stayed overnight in Hilton Athens Hotel (I live in Athens) but I have used their Spa, dined in their amazing restaurants and spent many nights out in the beautiful rooftop Galaxy Restaurant & Bar. I had not yet experienced the Hilton Athens Hotel Sunday Family Lunch, the richest and most highly regarded family lunch in the city.

Sunday Family Lunch at Byzantino Restaurant

The Family Lunch is served in the elegant open-plan Byzantino restaurant located on the ground floor. The chic surroundings and materials of steel, modern glass and wood made us instantly feel relaxed. Our kind hostess Christina seated us near the open kitchen and buffet. There is a special buffet for the children. Near the children’s buffet, and in the far end of the restaurant,  is a large play corner. This play area is safe and has comfortable leather sofa’s for parents to sit. That was not necessary for us, we could easily see our children from our table and so we stayed in our very comfortable chairs. In the play area is a playhouse, a slide, tables for games and crafts and on occasions there is also an entertainer for the children.

Restaurant Byzantino. Photo credits Hilton Athens Hotel

The mouth-watering buffet of the Family Lunch was overwhelming. The spectacular kitchen with it’s burning flames and the many choices in both Greek specialities and Mediterranean food is an experience by itself. There is an array of top quality starters, cheeses, seafood, fish and traditional Greek dishes. The delicious dessert buffet has a chocolate fountain and serves typical Greek desserts as well as international ones and low fat choices.  During our Family Lunch the children buffet served pennes with tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, meatballs and french fries. The dessert table looked like something from a fairy tale or a magical candy store. My children could not believe this was actually going to be part of their meal: marshmallows, jellies, chocolate, biscuits, lolli-pops and many more.

Salad Buffet
Colorful starters!
The amazing chocolate fountain!

Nikos Marinos – the Executive Sous Chef- and his kind team brought us some exquisite starters, specially made for Family Goes Out. I loved the halloumi and the octopus was probably the softest that I have tasted in all my years in Greece. After that I tried a little bit of everything. My favorite was the roasted grouper with the oil-lemon sauce and the rib-eye. Our children tried from all the foods on the children buffet and they especially liked the meatballs. They also choose some fruits and they had ice cream and candy. Thanks to the play area us adults had the time to enjoy our food and wine, to unwind, to talk and to have quality time. Our children knew where we were and also felt comfortable. They also spent their time happily enjoying drawing and playing with the other children on the soft play carpet. They colored a placemat that they used on the table afterwards. All staff in the Byzantino restaurant was extremely helpful and attentive. To us but also to our children. We felt that our families were welcome here and did not have to ask for anything more.

Sous-chef Nikos and his team
Nikos behind the rib eye
The children dessert table looks like a candy store
Kids love to choose their own food
The spacious play area to entertain kids!
A selection of starters prepared for the Family Goes Out team

Hilton Athens Outdoor Swimming Pool

After this amazing lunch and some time to digest, we decided to have a dip in the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool. The elegant pool is located on street level but is still a green oasis surrounded by palm trees and a large grass area. There is an adjacent large children’s pool. The lounge chairs and towels were soft and comfortable. And although it was rather busy, one of the very helpful pool crew quickly found us a set of chairs at the front row. From there we relaxed while our children were jumping around in the water. We had a wonderful quality family day out. Thank you very much Hilton Athens Hotel for inviting us.

The children could not wait jumping in the pool
The impressive city pool of the Hilton Athens
Relaxing family moments at the children's pool

**Family Goes Out was guests of the Hilton Athens Hotel. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own**

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Sunday Family Lunch
Sunday Family Lunch is served from 12:30 – 16:00 in the Byzantino restaurant.

The price is 45 Euros p.p. Children 5-12 years old 22.50 Euros  

Reservations: Tel. +30 210 7281400. Outside guests enjoy free parking while having their lunch.


Hilton Athens Outdoor Swimming Pool
The price of the pool is 25 Euros per person on weekdays and 40 Euros in the weekend. For reservations: Tel. +30 210 7281801

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