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We all know there is a great wine tradition in France and that most French people are wine connoisseurs.

There is good wine in Greece too. You will discover this, through the excursion organized by Greece2Taste and you are going to love it. A wine-tasting day in Nemea.

Through this article we would like to show you, that you can visit Nemea region and discover its wine and even bring your kids along.

Visiting Nemea by Private Minibus

Nemea is located 1,5 hours away from Athens and for 3000 years, this area produces the majority of wines in Greece. To our surprise, while crossing Nemea’s region, a combination of sun and green vineyards, it somehow resembled Tuscany covered in grapevines.

This rural area of Corinthia produces a wine of the Agiorgitiko variety. The cultivation of vineyards is a local tradition and it is passed on from one generation to another…

Niko, 21 years old, is one of the those who followed his family’s tradition and presented with enthusiasm Bairaktari family’s vineyards.


First Guided Tour in Bairaktari’s Vineyards

Niko showed us the spaces where the fermentation of the wine takes place and explained how the wine is than bottled. After, we took the stairs down to the cellar, where the barrels are stored. Temperature here is constantly showing 18,5°C. The wine can be stored in barrels for up to 8 years.

At the end of the guided tour, we were invited for a wine-taste. Niko offered us 5 different wines (2 red wines, 2 white wines and a rosé), accompanied with bread, cheese and olives and he also spoke about oenology and his great love, wine.

All wines were really interesting and we were able to relax, ask questions and enjoy the company.

What are the children doing during the wine taste? If they are not interested in the production of wine, they can run and play in the garden. It is located near the wine taste area and from there you can have constant eye contact with the backyard.

On the way to Palivou’s Vineyards

We took off for another vineyard, Palivou’s vineyard. One of the five best Nemea’s wines is produced here. The owner’s daughter, she was young too, welcomed us and directed the group towards the vineyards, covering over 35 acres. We were able to touch the vines and she explained us  all evolution stages.

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We had a wine taste here too and grasped the large range of flavors of Nemea’s wines, because these wines were entirely different from the previous ones. We relaxed by listening at Panos talk to us about the great tradition of Greek wine. The kids were able to draw and play in the domain’s courtyard with toys and colors they had at their disposal.

Lunch in Sofo – A Combination of Greek Cuisine with Good Wine

We took the minibus again and reached the town of Nemea. Panos took us at Nemea’s best restaurant, Sofo.

Its dishes were delicious and can be very well combined with nice local wine. We could choose between tow salads (dako and salad with croûton and corn) and tow main dishes (veal with eggplants in the oven and chicken with pasta). For desert we were served a tasty crème caramel.

Visiting Ancient Nemea – Nemean Games Stadium

We ended our excursion at the archaeological site of Ancient Nemea. This site dates back to 573 BC. and is known for its Zeus temple. Nemea’s games were organized in honor of Zeus and were similar to the Olympic games. Legend has it that it was here where Hercules thanked his father Zeus for helping him defeat the lion of Nemea, his first Labor. What still remains intact is the Hidden Ingress, a 36 meters tunnel, from where athletes would pass through.

If you like good wine and food, we highly recommend this excursion. You will be taken care of from the beginning to the end of the journey. The kids will have a good time and grown-ups can learn a many things on Greek wine. You’ll leave with a lot of good memories, aromas and tastes to hold dear.


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Excursion-Tour: Wine Tasting in Nemea with Greece2Taste

Duration: approximately 8 hours  10.00 to 19.00

Cost: 2 to 6 people: 140 € per person and 7 to 9 people: 120 € per person

Free for children under 12 years old. – 30% for children 12 to 18 years old.

For larger groups contact directly. Possibility 2 to 30 people.

The team of Greece2Taste

Greece2taste was created by a group of friends, with enthusiasm and connoisseurs of the Greek gastronomy. They suggest gastronomic experiences to those interested in tradition and the authenticity of the Greek cuisine.

Panos is one of the founders. He was our guide for the day, a good wine and food connoisseur, he spoke to us about his passion for Greek cuisine and the tradition of wine throughout the excursion. Panos is always open and child-friendly, so do not hesitate to ask questions.

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