The Palace of Cnossos

Knosos, 714 09, Heraklion


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If I have to name one archaeological site in Greece that is absolutely suitable for families with children, it would be the Palace of Knossos in Crete. In my role as a tour guide in Crete some years ago, I often organized tours to this amazing ancient Minoan city.

There is no other place where Greek ancient history and mythology are so visible and understandable as in Knossos. The excavations at Knossos represent many myths of Greek mythology and even the youngest children will be able to fantasize about King Minos and the Minotaur. Older children will learn about ancient building techniques and have a change to be educated about the cultural history of Europe.

The Palace of Knossos is partly restored. That is the reason why the features give a unique insight into the life of Minoan culture, one that no mere ruins could ever offer. Having said that, it is easy to recognize the original temple features and the archaeologists’ restorations.

The best time to discover the Palace of Knossos would be in the spring and fall. It can get very busy and hot inside the excavations in the summer. There is not much shade around the site so I would recommend to choose the early morning hours for a visit. To avoid long lines at the entrance, you could opt for a guided tour. A tour guide will get your children engaged and there are specially designed tours for kids. Do not forget to bring water before you enter because inside there are no facilities to drink something. The site is not stroller friendly, there are several steps, stairs and unpaved paths.


Full tickets cost €15 and reduced €8.

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