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If you are visiting Athens or mainland Greece, don’t miss out on visiting the archeological site of Delphi, the most popular archaeological site in Greece after the Acropolis. Delphi was also of great significance throughout the ancient classical world is one of the most important archeological sites worldwide. This ancient sanctuary of the Oracle of Delphi is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its influence on the ancient world. The first settlement here dates back to the Neolithic period, 1600-1100 BC.

The first time I visited the Oracle of Delphi I could literally feel the energy around this place and your children will feel that too. Dramatic nature with pines and olive trees will impress even the youngest. The site is very pleasant for children and the remains of the Oracle’s sanctuary will appeal to everyone’s imagination.

The best time to discover Delphi would be in the spring and fall. It can get very busy and hot inside the excavations in the summer. In the summer I would recommend to plan a visit early in the morning. When the day gets warmer, you can visit the archeological museum of Delphi. To avoid lines at the entrance, you could opt for a guided tour. A tour guide will get your children more engaged and will bring the excavations alive. There are specially designed tours for kids. Do not forget to bring water before you enter because there are no cafes inside. The site is stroller friendly at some parts, but there is a small hill (don’t forget to wear steady shoes) and unpaved paths.


Full ticket is €12 and the reduced €6, but during winter period ticket costs €6.

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