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Deep in the Green Greek Nature – Montanema Handmade Village

The unique Montanema Handmade lies deep in the forest and high in the mountains. It is located in the gorge of the Agrafa Mountains, part of the Pindos Mountains in Central Greece. At about 35 km…

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Beautiful Animations with the Greek Island in subject ! For young and old !

First animation is about Mariza, a stubborn donkey and Nikos, a fisherman who is trying to deliver his fish to a taverna in a Greek island. A funny story which is gloriously reviving Zorbas music. The movie was created by Constantine Krystallis. It won local and foreign awards and has officialy been viewed more than […]

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What is Linguistic Tourism ? A new way of Travel !

Let’s be honest! What are your first thoughts when planning your holidays? Where will I stay, where will I eat, how the local life looks like and of course, how will I communicate!! No worries, that’s all what Glossopolis provides you with! Glossopolis is an e-learning platform providing Greek language courses for people who want […]

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Family Goes Out is making family life easier ! Created by parents for parents, we are helping you find the perfect place for activities and vacations for your family in Greece. Official Partnership :

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