What is Linguistic Tourism ? A new way of Travel !


What is Linguistic Tourism ? A new way of Travel !


Let’s be honest! What are your first thoughts when planning your holidays?
Where will I stay, where will I eat, how the local life looks like and of course, how will I communicate!!

No worries, that’s all what Glossopolis provides you with!
Glossopolis is an e-learning platform providing Greek language courses for people who want to visit the place, speak the language of the locals instead of using some typical scholar phrases and wish to have a touch with the local element instead of visiting the touristic side of the place.

How we do that? When you sign in the platform you watch a map of a language city ‘’Glossopolis in Greek’’ and you just click on the places you wish to communicate in (hotels, taxis, restaurants, bars, etc). This gives immediate access to all the educational content teaching how to communicate (text, audios, grammar exercises, videos, cultural and linguistic tips) but there is also access to geolocated ads of local business Glossopolis cooperates with.

So if you visit the relevant businesses in the place and you speak in Greek, you have a reduction waging from 15% to 30%, for all the relevant services!! That means that not only do you learn a language but you also save a big amount of money while experiencing the local culture, as Greeks do in their daily life. In this way, you live the language and you enjoy your vacation as a traveler and not as a tourist, in a very affordable way! Plus, you learn a special aspect of the language, since you learn the language of the locals with all its formal type but also slang, idioms, colloquial phrases, even swearwords. This is a knowledge that no book or teacher can offer you!

If you want to experience this unique learning method while traveling to your favorite holidays in Greece, visit now : www.glossopolis.com.

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